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M82 MIC:

Four Killer Kick Tones!

The M82 dynamic microphone expands Telefunken's lineup with a purpose-built kick drum mic any live or studio engineer can appreciate. Outfitted with an oversized 1.37" moving-coil diaphragm, the M82 provides you with superb low-frequency response. But, although Telefunken designed it for kick drums, this fat and punchy mic is also ideal for bass cabinets, voiceover work, and many other applications. On top of that, there's a switchable Kick EQ filter and a separate switchable High Boost function onboard the Telefunken M82, giving you four distinct sounds in one microphone.

Telefunken M82 Dynamic Instrument Microphone at a Glance:

  • Perfect for more than just kick drums
  • Cut out boxiness with flip of a switch
  • Boost your highs for better beater attack
  • Perfect for more than just kick drums

Although Telefunken specifically designed their M82 with kick drum in mind, this large-diaphragm dynamic instrument microphone it great for a wide range of other sources as well. Its large 1.37" moving coil diaphragm naturally responds smoothly to punchy and dynamic bass-heavy sources. When you stick an M82 on a bass cabinet or organ, you'll instantly hear the full depth of the bottom end, without losing full-range details, and it does absolute wonders with lower-register male vocals and voiceover work.

Cut out boxiness with flip of a switch

Real professional engineers know that it's always better to get the highest quality sound right at the source than to fix it in post. That's why Telefunken built a special Kick EQ switch into the M82 instrument microphone. This switch lets you instantly notch frequencies around 350Hz out of the M82, removing the flabby and boxy sound that can make your kick drum sound fall flat.

Boost your highs for better beater attack

Need a little more beater click to fill out your kick sound? Don't reach for the EQ - stitch on the M82's High Boost mode, and you'll get all the top-end definition you need. Not only will this built-in 2kHz shelving boost bring out beater attack, it also provides a noticeable presence boost that adds clarity to vocals, definition to organ percussion, and air to slap bass. Its just one more reason why the Telefunken M82 instrument microphone is such a great addition to any mic locker.

Telefunken M82 Dynamic Instrument Microphone Features:

  • Large-diaphragm cardioid dynamic microphone built to deliver massive kick-drum sound

  • Ideal for use with kick drums, bass cabinets, deep voiceover/vocals, and other bass-heavy sources
  • Oversized 1.37" moving-coil diaphragm provides powerful low-frequency response
  • Kick EQ switch lets you notch filter out frequencies around 350Hz to remove boxiness
  • High Boost switch lets you amplify 2kHz and up by 6dB for added high-end clarity and beater attack
  • Housed in a super-rugged shell and headgrille for maximum durability