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Davicom cortex 3203
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Davicom cortex 320

Davicom recently released a new product!

Cortex 320 has a substantial update in function.

As usual, there are basic and advanced models.


Cortex 320 has 12 versatile inputs, 4 status (Digital) inputs, and 6 outputs (Commands).

The versatile input can be jumped into a status input through the internal jumper, so it is more flexible in system planning.

The versatile input can also be changed to audio input format through jumper, which is also superior to previous designs!


The Cortex series can monitor peripheral equipment through the SNMP interface. The equipment in the transmitter room can complete the I/O connection with Cortex through the network cable, which is so convenient!


If we compare Cortex 320 with the Micro or Mini, the major difference in use of Cortex is that the human-machine interface of the control no longer requires a computer to be installed with Davicom LINK software for control.


Since the human-machine interface can be stored in the host, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or desktops can be used to monitor through IE or Chrome browser. Certainly, the major premise is to have the account number and the password of the host!

Stereo audio input is a special feature of Cortex!